Published: 2002-2011

Great Lakes Region Food Industry Biogas Casebook (2011): This study reviews 12 facilities to analyze how their systems are functioning and to give some background on how anaerobic digestion is working for them. Companies profiled in this casebook agreed to share their experiences so others can build on them, improving their likelihood of success.

Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook: Second Edition (2009): The second edition of the Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook provides brief case studies of 21 farms with operating anaerobic digester systems in Wisconsin as of fall 2009. The casebook offers insights into how these systems are working and shares comments from system owners.

Wisconsin Agricultural Biogas Casebook: First Edition (2008): This report gives a snapshot with some history of the 17 operating anaerobic digester systems in Wisconsin as of June 2008. This information is presented to give those interested in digesters some insight into how these systems are working in Wisconsin. In addition, digester owners have generously shared experiences, ideas and innovations that may prove invaluable to those evaluating similar options for their farms.

Agricultural Biogas Casebook (2004 Update): The purpose of this casebook is to provide a picture of on-farm anaerobic digester systems in the Great Lakes states.

Agricultural Biogas Casebook (2002): This report was prepared with the support of the Council of Great Lakes Governors and the U.S. Department of Energy, with assistance from Alliant Energy.

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