Recorded Thursday, April 16, 2015 · 1pm

60 minutes

Task tuning—the dimming of lights to create levels appropriate for the activities in a space—can save energy without sacrificing occupant satisfaction. Why? Because most commercial spaces, for a variety of reasons, are over-lit.

We will share proper task tuning techniques and discuss the results of our research study, including verified energy savings and how task tuning could be included in utility Conservation Improvement Program offerings in Minnesota.

We will also provide a high level characterization of the types of buildings for which task tuning is appropriate.

Read more about the study and download the final report and fact sheet.

Who should watch?
Building designers, lighting designers and electrical engineers, architects, energy modelers, building owners, general contractors, energy efficiency specialists, commissioning authorities, and anyone involved in the building design process.

Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources

This project was supported in part (or in whole) by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources through the Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) program, which is funded by Minnesota ratepayers.

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